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Who are Your Go-To Guys and What to Expect from Our Blog

Your Go-To Guys was founded on the principals of a strong desire to put ‘Human’ back in HR. We are a group of passionate professionals, who understand the advantages of a business who knows how to successfully utilize state of the art technology as well as effective management methodologies. To put it simply, we want to help people use technology efficiently so they can focus their efforts on what’s important, really relating to their people. We feel that when companies and individuals successfully adapt this way of thinking, long-term sustainable profits and growth are much more achievable.

We want to help build great teams and encourage minds to meet and grow together. One of the ways we’d like to work toward achieving this goal was creating our blog. In this blog I hope to touch on some of the key issues being faced many businesses today, combining research, historical facts and opinions.

This industry has come a long way, and I’ve only been a part of it for a short while, relatively speaking. However, our experiences have spanned different industries and company sizes and we feel we bring great value to the table. Our commitment to continuous learning and advancement is second to none. We hope you find our blog relevant and helpful. Most importantly, we look forward to working with you to build better teams and help you achieve your biggest goals.


Don Doidge

Founder & CEO, Your Go-To Guys


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